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What social skills does my preschooler need?

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What social skills does my preschooler need?

Before the start of school, you’ll want your young child to be acquainted with sharing, waiting his turn, asking to use things, respecting others, not interrupting, and managing anger and frustration. He won’t learn these skills all at once. As your child continues through elementary school, you’ll need to help him acquire these behaviors.

You can reinforce good behavior by praising your child when he waits his turn or controls his temper. Don’t overlook bad behavior, saying he or she will outgrow it since this may not happen. The sooner your child learns how to behave appropriately, the fewer problems he will encounter in school.

Model good social skills yourself. If your child sees you waiting patiently in line, or not losing your temper to rude drivers, he’ll learn by observation. Treat your children respectfully by making polite requests, listening without interrupting, and avoiding the use of violence in your home. MP

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