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How many times have you felt like a failure as a parent, wondering why your young child won’t behave? It’s difficult when we have children who don’t respond to the usual discipline strategies our parents used on us. It requires us to find new tools, to think outside the box.   

Catherine Wiggins, the mother of five children, struggled with her 3½- and 5½-year-old sons, Jonah and Noah. When she asked them to do something, “They acted out at home with tantrums and noncompliance.” She tried giving time-outs and taking away privileges, but the boys still wouldn’t listen. Her case manager at Tennessee’s Early Intervention System, an agency helping her deal with her children’s delays and behavioral problems, referred Catherine to RIP. 

When Angie Rosensteel’s 4-year-old son, Alan, couldn’t communicate his needs, he’d start whining and “throwing fits.” To make matters worse, Angie’s 3-year-old son, Austin, began mimicking his older brother’s behavior. Angie knew something needed to be done because reasoning and spankings weren’t correcting the problem. She learned about RIP through the UT Boling Center, where she turned for help with her children’s behavioral problems and developmental delays.

Both families share one thing in common: They came to RIP eager to gain control of their kids and to learn new parenting strategies.

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