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Help! My Child Struggles in Class

Dear Teacher

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My child’s teacher recently asked me to schedule a conference with her because she described my daughter as being a struggling student. Is the teacher trying to tell me my child is now going to be placed in the special-education program?  

You definitely need to schedule a conference to find out what is going on. Struggling during the school year does not mean your child needs to be in special education. It sounds like the teacher is being proactive and wants to address any problems before your child begins to fall further behind.

Before meeting with the teacher, take a moment to write down a few questions. They might be as follows:

 1.     What academic subject (or subjects) cause my child to struggle?

 2.     Can you show me examples of my child’s work and point to her specific difficulties?

 3.     What are your suggestions for ways matters can be turned around?

 4.     Does my child need a tutor?  

 5.     Do you offer before- or after-school tutoring that my child can attend?

 6.     What are some ways that I can help my child at home?

 7.     Can we schedule a meeting later to see whether or not my child is making progress?


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