A More Humane Society

Teaching children kindness through animal care.

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“There’s a connection I don’t fully understand, but when you tap into it, it creates a more positive, happier person,” Sneed says. “Animals help us recognize and appreciate life.”

For Amy Williams, the joy in her daughters was obvious. “It was an incredible experience. They looked forward to waking up in the morning, even though they had to get up at 6:30 a.m. during the summer. They felt a part of something.”

Part of the Humane Society’s mission is “to foster public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals.” Sneed believes this mission spills over into the human population. “To be good to an animal, you have to think beyond yourself,” she says.

Sneed demonstrates that, at their heart, the youth education and volunteer programs are about nourishing each child’s capacity for kindness.

“It’s impossible to treat people cruelly and neglectfully if you can genuinely love an animal, and it goes both ways. If you’ve tapped into the part of yourself that lets you make sacrifices and be good to an animal, you can recognize the needs of the people around you.”

Kids learn from handling animals that kindness makes a difference.

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