Pick This, Not That

PICK THIS • The Miracle Blanket
This really is a “miracle” blanket. It’s slightly more complicated than traditional swaddle blankets, but this product ensures that your baby’s arms and legs will be tightly swaddled all night — which  means more Zzzz’s for baby and you.

NOT THAT • Halo Swaddle Sleepsack
Your baby will be able to figure his way out of this sleepsack in less than five minutes. Get this if you want to be up all night re-swaddling your baby.

Summer Infant BabyTouch Color Video Monitor
With this monitor, you can watch and hear your baby from afar. You’ll recognize the difference between the sleepy, “I lost my blanket” cry and more distress, without needing to check on your little one every five minutes.

NOT THAT • Angelcare
Delux Movement Monitor
Two words: FALSE ALARMS. This monitor sounds like a good idea — it is equipped with an alarm to monitor your baby’s movement and breathing. But unless you want to experience a heart attack at 3 a.m. when the sensor fails, avoid buying this one.

Babyjorn Babysitter Balance
Thanks to the multiple reclining positions, your baby can sleep, eat, and bounce to his heart's content in this multi-purpose bouncer. Plus, the cover easily comes off for easy washing.

NOT THAT • Bright Starts
Comfort & Harmony Bouncer
This bouncy seat works great for an infant, but baby will outgrow it in just a few months. You’re better off choosing a seat that can grow with your child.

The uses for the Boppy are endless. You can wrap it around you to help you nurse, support your baby in it as he learns to sit, and let your child recline as he takes his bottle.

NOT THAT • Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow
Though the nursing pillow will help you when you breastfeed, you’re better off buying an all-purpose pillow.


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