Keep Germs at Bay

New sign reminds people you've got a newborn.

Now that you’ve got a new baby, everybody wants to be up-close and personal. This can be a good thing. But keeping germs at bay while your little one’s immune system is developing — that’s a little tougher.         Since it’s cold and flu season, don’t be shy about asking family and friends to help you keep baby healthy.

Post this sign and follow these tips:  
•     Keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket. If someone asks to hold the baby, pull out the bottle and give them a squirt. People generally won’t protest.
•    Keep a large bottle of sanitizer handy at home, in social places like the     
    family room or kitchen.
•     Tell others your pediatrician is concerned about a bug going around and insists everyone wash their hands.
•     If a stranger reaches out to touch your baby, politely decline the offer.
•     Finally, simply ask people to wash their hands. This is your child and you have the right to be protective. —  My Tiny Hands, available at  

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