May is National Bike Month

Dust off your seat, get the bike rack on the car, and head out with the kids for an afternoon of fun. Here are a couple of biking destinations worth testing out with your family.

Mud Island River Park

Location: Downtown

Route description: This 1- to 5-mile ride offers sweeping views of the Mississippi and a chance to explore the half-mile scale model of the river at Mud Island River Park. For a loftier entrance, get on at Mud Island’s monorail station on Front Street (there is a parking garage here) and ride across the pedestrian walkway. (Note: This requires walking bikes into an elevator. Have one adult per child.) There is also parking at the south end of the park (left after Auction Street bridge). A second option from here is riding north to the Mississippi Greenbelt Park of Mud Island. It is a 3-mile ride. Don’t forget to make a stop at Miss Cordelia’s Grocery for delicious sandwiches. • For more,


The Greenline

Location: Midtown to Shelby Farms

Route Description: This 12-mile rail-to-trail is fun because there are a number of places to park and put on. A popular starting point is Highland Avenue or High Point Terrace. Ride from here and upon returning, you can reward your tribe with treats from Cheffies Café or High Point Grocery. Another parking option is across from the penal farm on Farm Road. Ride from here and Shelby Farms is just a mile away. • For more,


Wolf River Nature Area

Location: Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown

Route Description: On a hot summer’s day, this 3-mile ride is tough to beat. The wide, shady trail parallels the Wolf River, and offers a variety of lake and river views. There’s even Turtle Bayou, a fun place to stop and watch for wildlife. The last time I was here, I rode behind a coyote and saw evidence of beaver. There are several places to access this trail from Wolf River Boulevard (Neshoba Park) or Germantown Parkway (park at the Walgreens lot). After your ride, grab a tasty fish taco at Las Tortugas Mexican Deli. Total yum. • For more,



• Always STOP at intersections. Bicycles MUST YIELD to road traffic.

• Bicycles always YIELD to pedestrians.  

• Keep RIGHT. Bicyclists should travel in the same direction as trail traffic.    

• Stay as far right as possible.

• Pass with care. Call out “Passing on your left” & ring a bell, if you have one.   • Be considerate of other users. Travel at a reasonable speed.  

• Be ALERT, aware, and safe. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch for children and slow moving traffic. —


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