Mother's Day is May 13

Give a gift from the heart

On top, mind you, because this golden crown, bedecked with precious purple, green, and red jewels won’t fit in my jewelry box. Even with the large, stretchy, elastic band, it also won’t fit around my enormous head. No matter, it balances there nicely and brings back fond memories of my favorite Mother’s Day several years ago. 

Every Sunday, I love to read the paper and watch CBS Sunday Morning in bed before I get ready for church. Early on that Mother’s Day morning, my sons, Sam and Andy, knocked on the door before gallantly sweeping into my room. Sam had a pad of paper in his hands, and Andy’s arm was draped with a dishtowel. 

“May I take your order for break, ma’am?” asked Sam in his most polite voice. 

After reading the handwritten list of our kitchen’s breakfast offerings, I ordered a serving of bacon and eggs. About 20 minutes later, my scrumptious breakfast — complete with freshly brewed coffee and orange juice — was presented to me on a tray that also held the tiara. I’m pretty sure it came from the dollar store. And while it will never be found in the Tower of London’s collection of jewels, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It meant that I was Queen for a Day.

My point is that the most memorable Mother’s Day gifts are usually those inexpensive ones that come from the heart. Handmade gifts are special too, since they become instant keepsakes. My mother still has a tiny handprint of mine, immortalized in plaster of Paris, from some 40 years ago. Likewise, I have handprint plates and handmade cards made by my pint-sized sons from almost a decade ago.

For the moms in your life, consider putting together a photo gift or a handmade piece of art or pottery. Local drug and discount stores have wonderful photo accessories that start at as little as $5. A photo calendar is as little as $10. What could be a sweeter gift than 12 different snapshots of your children — one for each month of the year? It’s a wonderful way to share holiday, vacation, or back-to-school pictures.

Studios such as Paint a Piece, with locations in Germantown and the Wolfchase area, offer ways for your child to make one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Pottery piece prices range from $3 to $75, with the average price range of $12 to $16 for dinner plates, cereal bowls, large mugs, and picture frames. Studio fees begin at $5. For more information, visit

Or just give Mom the night off. Fix her dinner. Do some chores. At our house, my husband, sons, and brother grill out and purchase a special dessert for my mother and me. It’s fabulous to be waited on by the men in our lives.

This year maybe I’ll even wear my plastic tiara. I think I’ve earned it.


 — Bargain Beth is written by Memphis freelance writer and bargain hunter Beth Bartholomew.

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