Searching for a Summer Day Camp?

These tips will help save your sanity

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Donna Schwartz, associate executive director of Siegel JCC day camps for children and teens in Wilmington, Delaware, has these suggestions:

• Pack wisely. You will likely receive a “what to bring to camp” list from the camp before your child’s first day. Will your child be carrying her stuff around with her all day at camp? If so, pack minimally required items, and considering having your child use a small backpack.

• Consider buying thrift clothes. For kids who will be attending more than just a day camp, you might consider buying some used shorts and T-shirts. That way, if items get soiled or lost, you won’t be out a nice garment.

• Keep food safe. Will your child’s lunch be refrigerated? If yes, pack it in a brown paper 
bag labeled with his name. If no, pack it in an insulated lunch box (also labeled) with an ice pack.

•  Remember sunscreen. How much outdoor-time will your child get? It’s always a good idea to
slather your kid with sunscreen before going to camp. If there’s a lot of swim and outdoor time, send more sunscreen along.

• Hold off on toys and electronics. Camp is about socializing, making new friends, and trying new activities. If you send along electronics (assuming these are even allowed at the camp), your child will
 be more isolated and focused on playing Angry Birds instead of enjoying camp activities. Plus, electronics can be easily lost at camp.

• Label everything. Your child inevitably will lose something. You 
are more likely to get an item back if it has his name on it.

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