Fashionista of the Week: Sophia

Who can resist dark, luminous eyes that dance in the sunshine? Certainly not me. That's why I had to introduce myself to this little fashionista, Sophia, last week.

Her stylish outfit played up her dark beauty. Dressed in a hot pink owl T-shirt that reads "Whooo's the Cutest," it's paired with an acid-washed demin skirt and leopard-print leggings. Clearly, her dimpled smile answers the question.

Don't you love the little flowers that decorate her Mary-Jane's? Several of these pieces come from The Children's Place.

Her mother tells me that though she's the youngest of four, Sophia is all about being grown up.

"When I pour juice she says, 'I will help you," says Laura, Though she's only 2, Sophia is starting to potty train. Perhaps she understands the benefit, since she loves to run outdoors and play.

Here she is, holding one of her favorite stuffed animals, a giraffe. Perfect for a day at the zoo with mama.

Do you have little fashionistas at home?     Do tell! Send an email with the word FASHIONISTA in the subject line to Editor Jane Schneider: Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter @memphis_parent,  and Pinterest.

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