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Research tells us that children in grades K-12 are gaining more weight and falling further behind in learning during the summer months. So we’ve gathered up some ways to combat that problem. Here’s to a happy, healthy summer.

Do’s for a productive summer:

• Bring your children up to grade level in every subject through your efforts or outside help.

• Have a daily family reading half hour where everyone gathers and reads. No discussion is necessary. However, it can be fun if several family members read the same books and/or magazines and talk about them. Think of the different perspectives an article about Kim Kardashian in People magazine might solicit.

• Make summer a skill building time for such non-academic activities as sports, music, dance, cooking, knitting, photography, or whatever else interests your children. Gaining skills in any of these areas will help kids build confidence in their abilities. This is especially important if your children aren’t academic super-stars.

• Have a variety of family-oriented activities such as weekend hikes or biking outings, game nights, picnics, visits to historical sights and colleges, and attendance at sporting events and musical performances.

• Have daily household jobs for every child that contributes meaningfully to the running of the house.

Don’ts for a productive summer

• Let your children spend too much of their time on media entertainment, including TV, video games, Facebook, and Twitter.

• Let your children avoid fairly vigorous daily physical activity.

• Let your children eat a steady diet of unhealthy foods 


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