Apps We Like for Baby's Development

Interact with your baby and gauge his growth with phone apps that help you navigate fussy times, milestones, and more.

Learn — With a new baby, you’ll have lots of questions and a need for quick information. My Baby Today (iPhone & Android/free) includes helpful checklists, suggested activities for baby each week, care and feeding advice, as well as answers to         

“Is this normal?” questions.

Measure — You’ll also spend the first year reading everything you can get your hands on about your child’s development. Baby Milestones 1st Year (iPhone & iPad/$1.99) provides physical, intellectual, social, and sleep pattern guides for babies through the first year. Your Baby’s Milestones (Android/$1.60) offers developmental data on growing children up to age 5, along with the ability to add notes and photos.

Distract — Of course, there will be fussy times ahead and these apps can act like a traditional rattle to distract baby in a pinch. Baby Rattle Toy (Android/free) comes with six different rattle styles and sounds. Baby Rattle Toy (iPhone/$1.99) also offers various sounds, graphics, and vibrations.

Soothe — Developing good sleep habits is crucial for everyone. To help your family through tough sleep cycles, try White Noise (iPhone/iPad & Android/$1.99). This app comes with 40 different background noises, including the time-tested vacuum and washing machine. Bonus: you won’t have to do housework to get the sleep results you want.


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