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How do I know if my kindergarten and third-grade children are reading on grade level? Also, can you provide a list of books for these grades?

Report cards and teacher conferences should already reflect your children’s reading level in both grades. If not, ask their teachers for this information. Be aware that reading on grade level can mean different accomplishments at different schools. Plus, you should expect bright children to be reading one or more years above their grade level.

On our website (, you will find the San Diego Quick Assessment (under “Checklists: Find Your Child’s Reading Level”) that will let you quickly gauge your children’s reading ability. All you have to do is to have your children read lists of words. This is a first-step screening procedure. However, research has confirmed that it is a fairly accurate estimate of children’s ability to read. Not only will it tell you the grade level where your child is actually reading. It will also tell you the grade levels where they can read independently and those where they will struggle.

The best way to get a list of suggested books for your children to read is to request one from your child’s teacher or the school librarian. It also can be helpful to ask friends about books their children are enjoying.


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