February 2012

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Obesity in Infancy is Growing More Common

Obesity might begin in babies as young as 9 months old, study indicates.

Taking the Plunge

Going to Disney?

How to save money at Mickey's place.

Dear Teacher: Video Addiction and Paying for Grades

Turn it Down!

Ear buds can lead to hearing loss.

What You Should Know About Facebook's Timeline

Strengthened By Faith and Love

Try Whoopie Pies for Your Valentine

It's like cake, only better.

Got Thumb?

Tasty, but a tough habit to break.

Mini Me

How do kids learn to behave? By watching us.

Reading Room

Books to help you understand your tween and teen.

A Stroke of Genius

Studying with the best, violinist Randall Goosby hopes to one day join them.

You're Ruining My Life

How to keep communication open with your drama tween.

Prepare Your Kid for Sleep-Away Camp

Take steps towards independence now for a great summer experience.