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Kelsey Green, Reading Queen. Claudia Mills. Pictures by Rob Shepperson.

The first book in the new Franklin School Friends series is ideal for introducing kids to beginning chapter books. The principal of Franklin School invites all bookworms to be part of a school-wide reading contest. This sets Kelsey Green, an avid reader, on fire. Her obsession with books heightens (she reads even during lunch time), her competitive spirit kicks in, and she becomes determined to win the honor for her third-grade class. While trying to encourage her two best friends, math wiz Annika Riz, and running star Izzy Barr, she also keeps a check on the class’ reluctant reader, Cody Harmon, and know-it-all close competitor, Simon Ellis. Does her hard work pay off? Come find out. Kelsey reminds us that life isn’t all about winning.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck.

Jeff Kinney.

This popular series continues to encourage and entertain all kind of readers, with laugh-out-loud moments sprinkled throughout the Wimpy Kid Greg Heffley’s diary. Finding new friends in middle school is impossible. When Greg loses his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, to a girl, he turns to the Magic 8 Ball for help. As always, Kinney’s stick figure illustrations add fun to the journal musings. And the author proves once again that you can find a lot of humor in everyday life, especially when you keep your main character stuck forever in middle school.


Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.

Chris Grabenstein.

Can you find your way out of the library? Especially when it’s designed by the world-renowned game maker? Board game geek Kyle Keeley takes up the challenge, along with his fellow seventh graders. The dozen 12-year-olds write essays to gain entry into the town’s new library. But once inside — how many will find the way out? Read this puzzle-packed adventure and find out. As in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the mystery element takes this story to the next level and keeps you hooked. The novel is so captivating it can be finished in one sitting. It effectively uses children’s book titles, word plays, and picture clues to move the story along. This books sends out the universal message — Reading is FUNdamental!


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