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Back to School Anxiety

Every year my children and I have a fun summer. Then the first week of school comes, and their anxiety level suddenly rises. How can we avoid this?  

You can make back-to-school time less traumatic by clearing your schedule so you can focus on being there for your children. The less you have to do at home and on the job, the more relaxed your kids will be.

Children tend to be especially anxious if they are attending a new school or have had bad experiences the previous year. This is the time for you to be calm, positive, and reassuring. Also, don’t overreact to problems that pop up in the first days. Instead, help your children develop coping strategies. If bullying or teasing was a problem last year, let new teachers know about this early on to stop it from happening again.

Parents also can make the start of school more comfortable for younger children by arranging play dates during the first weeks of school. This helps them rebuild social relationships with classmates.


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