How to Get Ready for Baby

Your list of things to do.

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Homemade Meals for Pick-up • 761-0287
Offers a variety of casserole & dinner options. • 767-6465

Offers salads & sandwiches for pick-up Monday-Friday.


Postpartum Doula Services

Homecoming Postpartum Services • 412-1678
In-home professional postpartum doula services & postpartum planning workshops.


In-Home Breast-feeding Support

BirthMemphis • 454-6827
In-home breast-feeding support services plus breast-feeding & prepared childbirth classes.


Bluff City Breastfeeding • 606-8810

Breast-feeding classes & in-home breast-feeding support services.


Donna Ross • 749-5811 or 757-2672

In-home breast-feeding support.


Lactation Consultants

All Better Pediatrics • 761-1880
Pediatricians are also lactation consultants.


Pediatrics East • 757-3560

This group has a lactation consultant on staff for patients.


Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition

• Great resource for parents & professionals.

NOTE: Area hospitals also have lactation consultants on staff.


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